am a little confused by what this ‘not having boundaries’ means in terms of what you want and do not want in your life. Are you implying that you should have no boundaries to anything, full stop, regardless of what it is? Or, are you trying to say that you should let all the lessons of life in, be allowing of both positive and negative messages, especially if they feel they are challenging you to alter your perceived boundaries, i.e. do not limit your boundaries by making them fixed but instead allow them to be malleable to increased awareness and experience of life. Is this not the same as saying, allow your primary feelings to guide you in life rather than having fixed boundaries of who you are and what you like and dislike and where you want to go?

This is what I got:

There are no negative messages. What you perceive is in truth neutral. Your perception decides if it is positive or negative. If you perceive a message to be negative, because it makes you feel negative emotions, than it is simply telling you a message that right here is something you can change to become more of who you truly are. The truth of who you are is limitless, beyond any description or boundary. So this means that there is nothing that can hurt you, and if nothing can hurt you why would you feel negative emotion? The emotion of fear is the base of all your negative emotions. The fear is fueling your your body to create a negative emotion inside of you and so you perceive the message to be wrong or negative. In truth, it is simply guiding you to let go of fear or limitation of who you are so that you can expand further.

Negative feelings are always a guide from your inner being. They are not telling you to avoid anything, but to change your beliefs. Find a way to allow the conditions to be seen as good or neutral. When you see something as negative you give energy to this condition and you create more of it. Release the label of this being a negative state or thing will also release the energy to move on and so you are free to leave behind this “negative” condition and move on to what you want.

You preferences are good and perfect for you. We do not ask you to change that. You desires are what moves you in the direction of the expansion that you wanted to find before coming into this life. What we suggest is that you focus on this, on your positives and your desires, and try to see how the perceived negatives in your life can point out you beliefs that needs to change in order for you to move ahead. If you try to see how this belief is stopping you, it might not make sense, as you are not yet a vibrational match to your desire and so are not vibrationally matching the answer to the question of how this does not fit into the new you.

When you adjust your beliefs you adjust your vibration and move one step closer to your desire manifesting. You have countless desires and you may not see which desire this is connected to, and if you think you do you are probably not seeing the fullness of it. Your desires are complex and in most cases simply a tool to bring you closer to the true desires that you have in the non-physical. Everything in this life is a step-by-step process, also your desires. As you expand so will your desires, it is a never ending process.

Not having boundaries is being limitless, which is who you are. The freedom in this way of being is beyond the human capacity of understanding. The less boundaries and limitations you have the more you will feel into and live in this freedom. Freedom of being will lead you closer to the being that you truly are. What you are is pure Love. Freedom of being this Love includes coming into your power, knowing your worth and loving yourself and others unconditionally. This is who you truly are, and you are continually expanding towards that version of you. Every negative feeling is a gift, and every limitation is simply here to guide you towards limitlessness. The journey is eternal, and every step is a part of your path.

You are love, that is all you are, and that is All that is. Love is limitless, and so are you.

2 thoughts on “Channeled reply to question about boundaries

  1. Wow, I really love your reply. This is profound and has opened my mind. I am fascinated by this and pleasantly surprised that I understand and accept it. However, the challenge I find is to maintain this awareness while in everyday life. Perhaps I do not yet understand how to be this way and apply it to my everyday. Perhaps starting by noticing each negative perception and stopping to explore it and move past it will help me realise this better. Do you remember how you first started maintaining awareness on a daily basis?


  2. The most helpful thing I have ever done was to read the books by Gary Temple Bodley. He channels a group called Joshua and that was my way in to the life I live today – so many great explanations of how to live in ease and to be aware of my feelings!

    For me, every time I feel negative emotions I ask why? I try to find the fear behind it. At first it was difficult because the feelings were so intense, and many layered. It was painful to feel all of it and willingly go there… The more I did it the less it hurt. There was no way around it – these feelings need to be heard. Each time I was able to feel into it and change my beliefs I felt a little bit better. It is basically all about accepting all parts of us and seeing how we are all good. The conditions will reflect what we believe about ourselves, and as we change those beliefs the conditions start to change too.

    I absolutely recommend those books, or checking out – there are a lot of great Q/As there too!


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