There is no one quite like you. You are the only one. Do you see the value in this? What we mean to say is that you are one of a kind. Your perspective is unique. So that also means that there is no one who can truly know how you think or feel. That is why communication is so important. You all know that you communicate with more than words, such as body language. What some of you might not know is that you all communicate telepathically. At night some of you meet and greet and make plans together for your next interactions. Some of you meet in the non-physical quite regularly, even though here on Earth you might not be so close. Some of you who see yourselves as enemies, or at least just someone you detest, in the non-physical you are deeply connected and enjoy each others company. There are so many connections between you that you will never know in this lifetime, just like there are reasons from other lives that you carry with you as memories that can explain why you instantly dislike or like each other. Now, these reasons for dislike are always a misunderstanding, for in truth you all love each other. It is just that if someone killed you and tortured you in a life that is deeply connected to what you are living at this moment in time, that also means that a part of you will remember this incident and so you may not appreciate the perfection of the role-play that occurred when he/she killed you. Very few of you truly appreciate those moments of passing and the parts that the “villain” plays for you. Very few of you are able to appreciate the sacrifices that someone makes for you, being willing to be hated and detested for the role they play in helping your expansion.

For you to experience being a victim, or overcoming such pain, someone has to love you deeply enough to let you hate them. There are souls who love you so much, that they are able to live through lifetimes where you hate them for what they are to you, just so you can expand. Can you imagine your child or your lover hating you for the rest of your life? You allow them this experience because you know they will expand from it, all the while, deep within your soul, you never stop loving them. All the time they hate you, you accept this pain for you, because this love that you feel for them is so much larger than this pain and the one lifetime. Can you imagine a love like that, a love of this magnitude? This and so much more is what you are. You are a love like this, a love that can withstand a million pains and accusations, a love that can give your beloved a chance to experience the deepest pain or the highest victory, all for the sake of expansion and experience. You are willing to live in any kind of circumstances for the ones you love, and your soul willingly goes into contracts where huge amounts of pain are bound to come to being on both sides. Your love is without limits and without endings. There is nothing you would not live through for each other.

When you are being who you truly are, you are able to see that each role holds infinite possibilities for growth and expansion. Each lifetime, no matter the situation, holds infinite possibilities for love and loving. Each situation holds for you, in each moment of each day, infinite moments of love, of forgiveness, of giving love and giving support, of uplifting through your being, of holding space for someone else. All of you, hold within you, an unlimited capacity for goodness, for truth, for strength to carry anything and anyone at any time, for loving the ones who do not love you for any amount of time, for loving another through any kind of trials and pain. Each of you hold within you the capacity for a love that goes beyond borders and dimensions, a love that can set you free and the receiver of your love as well. Each of you hold within you the paradise lost and the heaven dreamed of, all within that beating heart of yours. That is where your power is, that is where you create from, and that is where your God resides. That is where you are, my beloveds, and that is where we meet you. For you are the love of the Universe and the love that builds a bridge so we can communicate. Love is what enables our telepathic conversations, and love is what draws us together in conversations. Your hearts are telepathic, and your hearts love across all languages. The energy of love knows no limits, and so we are all hearts beating as One. We are love, with you.

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