What you as a parent seem to forget, at least in these moments of contrast, is that your kids came here from the non-physical, still remembering who they are. They are closer to their true vibration than you are, and they have an inner knowing of what is right for them. Notice this, what is right for them, not what is good for them. They know what they need to pursue, to explore and how to explore this. This inner knowing is strong in them, at least before you manage to manipulate too much of it out of them.

Yes, they do come here with a higher vibration than you have and they do remember more as this is helped along by the energies that are and have been coming in to your planet for the past years. These energies are very different from when you were born, and they are allowing for more remembering and innate knowledge to come forward in each individual. Your kids will live in a way that is very different from how you and your parents lived, and you will have to find a way to accept this, because they will not change who they are to please you.

Your kids help you to love unconditionally. They still remember that this is what love is, this is what they are indeed entitled to, this is how the Universe works. Your job is to go along with this flow of love energy, instead of balking and resisting like you have done for so many years.

Watch them, how they decide for themselves, how they feel out what is right and best for them. Watch their decision making process, their zest for life, their inner knowing and way of accepting you. Watch them trigger you where you need to move forward, and see how they teach you exactly what you need to know for now.
Accept that they come in with a more open channel to this knowledge, and let them be the teachers that they are. They are here to help you, not the other way around. Let them help you expand and ascend, and please remember that their age is in truth an illusion. You are all old as the stars and your wisdom does not disappear at birth. Trust them and let them guide you, for they are your guides in this world.

2 thoughts on “Channeled – kids & parents

  1. Amazing article. Thank you.
    I love the idea of my two children being my teachers. I am intrigued by your comment about ‘noticing what is right for them, not what is good for them’. How do I make the difference. I am not sure I can at this point. If they are fighting with one another – I see this as not ‘good’ for them as they might get hurt but if this is what they are choosing, is it right for them?


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