Yes August is a month of big energies. The waves will be felt by all, even those not knowingly ascending. The energies will come in waves and the more resistance you carry the more intense the pain will be. All will feel the energies, so letting go of resistance is not a way to sidestep the changes, it is simply a way of smoothing out the waves and living in a calmer sea.

Give your body rest, and sleep. Try to eat a lot less. Your body needs to digest the enormous energies coming in from the Suns and Stars and if your body is busy digesting food it will be harder for it to welcome the Light. Your body will take in this new light and let go of all that is no longer serving it, so long as you willingly let go of it. It is important that you consciously and with awareness of what is happening do your best to let go of the dark. Let go of old pain and the memories of hurt. Let go of your version where you were hurt and allow in another version of the events where you can see that all happened as perfectly as only Love can create it. Let go of needing to control or needing to feel safe, safety and security comes from within, not from you holding on tight. Bend with the wind so you don’t break, let the waves roll over you and don’t try to push against them.

The energies are massive and larger than ever felt before. We are sending you love and light in massive amounts because we know you can hold so much more than ever before. You are now able to let in a much larger amount of light energy and to transmute this energy to manifested abilities, actual material objects, or experiences all for you. You are also able to hold more light energy so as to transmute your own darkness, and by doing this you transmute for the whole Universe.

Allow in the energies that are around you. Know that the pain or discomfort you feel in you body is simply a bi-product of your ascension journey, and it is all good. You are not sick, you are growing at a faster rate than anyone could have guessed. You are walking paths yet untrod and so all of this is new to both you and all of us.

These energies are FOR you, we cannot stress this enough. Allow them in and allow your bodies to process it as best they can without you complaining to them about the pain. Your bodies are doing as best they can and this is only a temporary pain. Know that this will soon pass and on the other side you will come out stronger and more beautiful than ever before. You are now more YOU than you have ever been and we rejoice in our expansion.

Allow allow allow. Let go let go let go.
We love you.

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