What’s the difference between setting boundaries and controlling the conditions?

Every boundary is a way to control the conditions. Every boundary you have is your way of controlling others and how they treat you. Control comes from fear. When you set boundaries it is always from a place of fear. You want to stop them from doing something that you don’t like. You want to control them so you don’t feel bad. If nothing they did could make you feel bad you wouldn’t need boundaries. Boundaries are always a way of you trying to control other people to make sure you don’t feel bad. Boundaries are always based in fear of others treating you in a way you dislike.

Now, we are not saying for you to stay in an abusive or dangerous relationship. But in most cases, your boundaries are not about issues that are life threatening. In most cases they are about words or actions that you dislike, that makes you angry or makes you feel hurt. You think the way others treat you means something about you. When you think others treat you badly you feel bad. You think you deserve better, that you don’t deserve this. Well, if it is in your reality that means you attracted it. Law of Attraction doesn’t care about your boundaries. If it is there, it is for you. You pushing it away will only bring it forth again in a different disguise. There is no pushing away.

When you set boundaries for how others can treat you, for what you are willing to put up with, for what you deserve, you think you can trick or control the Universe through your will. If you are God, the sovereign ruler of your creation and your Universe, why would you need boundaries? If you attract and create all in your reality, why would you need to set boundaries for what others can teach you? “Oh no, I only allow in good and fun lessons, I don’t want to learn anything that I can perceive as negative, so you may not come into my reality”. You think the Universe cares about your boundaries? If it is there, you brought it in to your life through your vibration. There is no “deserve” or “not deserve”, there only IS.

Boundaries are an illusion. You use this illusion of control to maintain an illusion of safety. The truth is you are safe because you are God and you and your life is YOUR creation. There is nothing that can hurt you or kill you, you are eternal and you cannot be hurt or damaged. You can never be less than perfect and complete. You are always safe. You need no boundaries from life or other people. You don’t need to control the conditions because you control through your vibration. Setting boundaries is from fear and it is an illusion. Boundaries simply means the Universe will continue finding other ways of teaching you what you need to learn to expand to who you want to be.

You are safe. You don’t need to try to control. You ARE life. It is all for you, my child, all for you. Allow it in, and go with the flow of all that is. It is all for you.

2 thoughts on “Channeled on boundaries

  1. I really enjoyed reading your post, thank you!
    I am a little confused by what this ‘not having boundaries’ means in terms of what you want and do not want in your life. Are you implying that you should have no boundaries to anything, full stop, regardless of what it is? Or, are you trying to say that you should let all the lessons of life in, be allowing of both positive and negative messages, especially if they feel they are challenging you to alter your perceived boundaries, i.e. do not limit your boundaries by making them fixed but instead allow them to be malleable to increased awareness and experience of life. Is this not the same as saying, allow your primary feelings to guide you in life rather than having fixed boundaries of who you are and what you like and dislike and where you want to go?
    Really, such an interesting piece. I feel excited and fascinated by your topic!

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