Some of you know what to do, what is your mission here. Some of you have no idea. Neither is better or more worthy than the other. Neither changes or has any effect on your on worthiness. Your worthiness can never change, be more or less, disappear or magically appear. It is a given, it is truth, and it is so because you are Source itself.

Knowing your blueprint or your mission is helpful, but can also be felt as quite a heavy burden. You think you have to do it all in one day, one year, or at least climb the tallest mountain in a very short time. You think you have to do it all on your own, even when we tell you we are here for you You think it is all in your hands, on your shoulders, and it can weigh you down. Many of you feel this is a great responsibility, and whether or not you acknowledge it, you do feel fear when thinking about the great task you have come here to achieve. You dearly want to accomplish this feat, to do the job as you have planned before you came here. You do not want to let us down, to let down the part of you who planned it, and you somehow think humanity will fail without you.

Dear child, dear children, this is not on your shoulders alone. In fact it is not on your shoulders at all, for it is light and it is love. The task you have taken upon you to do while in this body, at this time, on this Earth, is simply to be a living example of love, of Source manifested. Everything else is just a suggestion of how to have the most fun. Everything else is simply a sketch of how you might find the most joy in living your life. Yes, you have tasks to fulfill and important roles to live out, otherwise you would not be here. But don’t for a second think that your task in the ascension is somehow more important than your task in living and experiencing life simply for the joy of it. My child, your joy is the most important task there is, and this comes before anything and everything, including this blueprint that you signed up for. This blueprint was never meant to be a chore or a burden, and neither is it. If you believe so you are putting too much weight on the human description and concept of success and fulfillment. Success, my dear, is not to fulfill a task or a plan, success is in living. All life is successful, however lived, and as you have all lived, you are already a success. Never forget this, and never get lost in the game of doing or fulfilling, for your fulfillment is already done and accomplished simply through your existence.

Your blueprint will unfold and you will blossom. Your blueprint is activated and living through your everyday choices. Your blueprint is for you as well as humanity, so never for once think that the collective is somehow more important than you. You are the collective. You are your blueprint. Relax, breathe, and live for the joy of living. That is what you choose. Your blueprint will unfold and take care of itself, all on its own, through your living. This is the magnificence that is you, and the glory you bring to all simply by BEING. So go out and BE, my child, that is all we ever ask of you, just be.

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