I’ve been feeling very good, as in content and balanced. I had this epiphany where I saw clearly (well just realized for watching how others behave comparing it to me) that being happy happy joy joy is not necessarily a proof of how good you are feeling. Feeling content is for me the honest expression of who I am right now.

Sometimes we try to put on a smiley face to make the pain go away, or we just try to be happy and upbeat because we don’t want to face our emotions. Well, stuffing our emotions isn’t helpful. Let it out or it will never go away. Face the shit, own it, that is the only way to move forward. Denying what is going on and how I feel isn’t working.

I have been feeling wrong for so long for not being superhappy. I have felt good, but I thought I should be more outgoing and boisterously happy. Because that is how I see a lot of people in the spiritual community act. I was recently in a situation where I got to observe other people, being superhappy like I thought I should be. What I saw was people stuffing their emotions, not facing there issues or fears, and denying the opportunities for growth. No big deal, no big emotions, just the everyday struggles that “negative” people like me tend to focus on. What I realized is that this negative focus is helpful in that they point out to me what I need to work on, where I am stuck. So I do, and I move forward. If you don’t accept your shit, you don’t move beyond it.

I had a week of heavy physical syptoms. This clearing out of old shit, stuff that doesn’t help me or even belong to me anymore has suddenly made an old part of me come back to me. I remember I used to be so confident for a few years, as a kid. I was so secure in myself. I had this inner safety. I felt balanced. I knew I was good, enough, accepted, and I knew I was taken care of and safe. Yesterday suddenly that part of me came back, moved back into my body. Such a weird feeling to suddenly find it there! I recognized something, a part of me! Super weird!

Okay so I received this message today:

What would you like to tell me today?

This is a time of cleansing, of leaving the old. Leave behind your old habits and your old beliefs, they are not of you anymore. What you have become is something new, yet it is a part of you that has always been, that is beyond the person you are being today. You are becoming more of what you are and we enjoy watching you become who you are.

The path forward will be as it has always been, unknown and taken step by step. But you might see that from now on you will move in more stillness within, more security in who yo are and what you are worth, what you can bring to this place, and what is truly yours to give. You might see more clarity and more courage, simply because there is less fear. There will always be fear as long as you live in these denser dimensions, but the fear need not cripple you anymore.

We see that you have all come a long way. You have all shed your cloaks of fear and shadow, and many of you are walking in the light-ways. You are becoming more of what you truly are. We applaud you. We support you and guide you. You are also a part of this guiding team, you are here with us. We do nothing without you and your consent. You are setting the pace and giving the instructions for us to carry out the tasks to guide you here on Earth. This is all in your hands, and we could not do this without your full cooperation.

You are now inhabiting a place, a dimension where it is easy for you to manifest. You have great powers in all dimensions but you have climbed to a dimension that allows for easier and more immediate manifestation of your thoughts, ideas and desires. We suggest you make a note of your feelings and intentions, so as to make sure you are creating what you want. Your imprint is very easily created in this world right now so take time to create what you love.

We see that you are finally coming in to and accepting more of your identity and your power. This is only the start. You will all escalate this ascension greatly with your powers and intention, and the acceleration of the universal forces is helping to speed up your personal journey. Though this journey never ends there is a certain point you aspire to get to in terms of soul-growth for this life, and you are all getting closer with accelerating speed. Your soul feels the pull and drags you with her to the next level. For many of you, and for you specifically at this time, it is a bodily experience. You feel stronger in spirit but your body reacts somewhat in a struggle. This is nothing wrong. You are changing, and your body is simply adjusting. Focus on how you feel in your spirit and use this to guide you.

All is well.


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