Control, control, control. You try to control what others think of you, what they see of you, what they find out about you. Whatever happened to going with the flow?? You have this image in your head of who you are and then a separate image of who you want to be, and a third image for how you want people to see you! And in most cases you have different images for different people, so we can certainly see how juggling all these images is hard work. No wonder you get tired. But how about you try to let go of this need to control how others perceive you? Remember that what they see when they see you is a reflection of them, so when they try to change, fix, or control you, who are they really trying to fix? Use this reflection they are projecting onto you to see where your issues are at. Yes, their reflection is theirs, but when they let you know about it, when you perceive it, then this message is for YOU. You are being given a reflection, through their own perception of you that is really their perception of themselves, of how you see yourself at this moment. If you saw yourself as perfect then they could not reflect anything other than perfection back at you, as you would not perceive anything else than them seeing you as perfect. If they saw something different you would simply not be able to catch up on it.

You are trying to control their perception because you want to control what you get as a feedback. What you really want is to control your perception of the feedback, to keep feeling good as you digest what this feedback, this reflection means. It might help to see it as simply that, a reflection of what you THINK about yourself, rather than a reflection of what you ARE. The reflection of what you are can never be accurate or anything close to the truth, as you are beyond definition, forever changing, and greater than anything that could be put into words or images. So keep in mind that the reflection is simply a reflection of the labels you put on yourself. Now, the reflection might be pleasing, and make you feel good, so you can keep it. If it is not pleasing, remind yourself it is a reflection of the label, not who you truly are. Just the label. Then think about if you want to change the label, to get a different reflection. You can be anything you want, so the reflection is just a fun game to play. Choose a different label for yourself and the reflection changes. Immediately.

The manifestations and reactions of your reflections are speeding up. Everything is speeding up and being intensified now as a result of the forces that are coming together inn the Universes. Everything is expanding. You will see more forceful reflections and quicker changes or feedback to your thoughts. This is helpful as long as you use it as a reflection of your thoughts, not of your Being. Remember the game, the illusion, and that you are all just playing roles. None of this is real. The limitations and labels and reflections are all just a part of the game. Don’t ever think the reflection changes anything about the truth of who you are.

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