Message for today:

The depths of your soul is unimaginable to you as you now are. Right this minute, you are living several lives all over the cosmos, living and loving, all this moment. Your ability to split your consciousness over the dimensions of time is a part of your amazing qualities. This is who you are. Your magnificence and immense power is beyond your wildest dreams. Some of you are already able to access these lives, to see yourself as “another” being living another life. It is all you. Your soul desires experiences, perspectives, and so it divides itself as Source does to be as much as it can. All of you are doing this, some more than others. Some of you are focused on this life and some of you are focused more in another life. Your consciousness moves through these lives, focusing at all times on the life where the most expansion is. You are at all times focused on the life of the highest consciousness, that is you, and this consciousness is also at all times connected to your other lives. As your vibration raises in one life, the consciousness is raised in your other lives too, changing the course as you live. Your raised consciousness also raises the collective consciousness so that the consciousness of all that is is raised every time you raise yours. This allows for growth and expansion on a much higher rate and scale than if you were to only work on your own expansion. You are all connected, so the changes in you, you in this now, in this life, must also expand to include the others connected to you. This connection is to your other lifetimes as well as the whole of humanity. For us watching you, for all beings living on other planets, in other dimensions, your expansion also leads to us expanding. Do you see now why we put so much effort in to helping you ascend? We are all connected, tied together in ways you cannot imagine or perceive. Your growth is important to us because it is also our growth. We are indeed one.

Take strength from this connection, take strength from this oneness. We are with you, guiding you, and we expand together with you. We love you, we are one. Expansion is life itself.

Go in peace. We love you, dear friends. We love you.

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