Message for today:

You will soon see more of us. Do not be frightened. We are here to help you ascend. Our civilizations are greatly advanced. We live surrounded by technologies you have not yet found. We live in peace. We live in very little, and for some, no fear. We live as free expressions of Source. We wish for you to be able to live as we do, on your Earth.

We are here to help you. We need your assistance in this. You must open up to us being here. Your belief systems must allow for our exposure. We do not mean harm, we assure you, we come in peace. We are beings of Love and Light, and we wish to bring forth these dimensions of Love and Light unto your Earth. We wish to help you raise yourself to see the perfection in this world, and to be able to recognize the greatness that resides inside of all of you.

You are all of you living in great fear. You are all of you able to transform this fear into Light, by openly admitting Light into your being and thus transforming your inner beings into your outer beings. Let love be the force that transforms all of your darkest corners into the Light, let all of you be shown to the world. There are no parts of you that are not inherently of Love and Light. We wish for you to see this, so you can dare to be seen by the world. Allowing your perceived darkness to be seen will make you see, through their reaction to this perceived darkness within you, that you are all already beings of Light. What you see as darkness in yourself, others will see as an expression of love, of unity and of compassion. Your ability to love will be increased exponentially once you allow yourselves to love yourselves. This is the first message we will bring to you.


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