Message for today?

We love to love you! Loving you makes us all warm and fuzzy! Loving is what we love to do, loving is what we love the most, and loving is what we do all day long. Aaaaaall daaaaay looooong! Do you hear us? We looooove to loooove! Yes we do!

If you were here, you would love to love too!

Where you are now you are limiting your love.

Does she deserve to be loved by me? Does she do the things I like, or does she only think of herself? I will only let her see I love her when she does what I want her to do, and the rest of the time I will sulk or make her see I do not like her.

Now my dearests, when you withhold your love like that, making it depend on the conditions whether or not you love someone, how does that make you feel? You think it is this other person who makes you feel good, but that is not true! Let me tell you, my BELOVEDS, it is you removing your love from them that makes you feel bad. When you withhold or remove your love, that goes against everything that you are, and all that you truly want, and your inner self protests No No, don’t stop the lovin’! Do you think we are funny? Lucky for you we love you either way… (yes we are feeling sassy today… or are we someone else today, maybe? Is this maybe a different entity do you think? Can you feel us?)

The lovin’, my sweethearts, is all for you. The lovin’ is for YOUR benefit! Not theirs, silly! For youuuuu! When you love someone, your body goes Ooooh, and Aaaaah, and it releases all kinds of chemicals to relax the muscles. It releases all kinds or chemicals and old memories and old trauma, that it doesn’t need anymore. When you love, you are sending your body the message that you are safe, that all is well, and so naturally the body rids itself of what it has stored in case of a fight. The body just wants to be happy, it wants to love too, so when you love, it goes into being the perfection it is meant to be!

When you love, the mind relaxes. This is not my job, it says to itself, I will relax for a minute, and leave the job to the heart. Your mind relaxes, stops it’s usual nagging and complaining, and stops trying to get you to to the dishes. It feels great, due to all the chemicals from lovin’ and it simply forgets to be an asshole! For once, the only voice you hear in your head is the drunken voice that says I am soooo in luuuuv… And that feels good!

When you love, when you allow yourself to give love, not thinking about if it is appropriate, if it is allowed, if it is the right thing to do, or even if it is reciprocated… that is when you are what you came here to be. A being of love. That is why life is so good when you love. That is why your body feels good, your mind feels good, even your tight jeans feels good, when you love.

When you are a being of love, emanating love, you are living as who you really are. You are seeing the other person for who they really are (as all perceived flaws are simply fear fogging up your perception) and you are seeing the beauty of Gaia, of Life, of All That Is, as it truly is. When you love, loving unconditionally, you are being YOU.

Love a little more, dear ones, for we love you and we want you to live in the bliss that is LOVE. Love all you can love, with no concerns for loss or ridicule. When you live in Love there is no loss, there is no failure, there are no wrong turns. There is only you and love, and you my dear, you ARE Love.

Blessed ones, be Love.

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